M-Triangel Laser Machine Pro Edition (8W)

Regular price $1,999.99

Laser machine by M-Triangel

BY5 Pro (8W Laser)
BY4 Pro Max (8W Laser with upgraded screen)

Options breakdown

  1. BY5 Pro  & BY4 Pro Max Machine Only*
  2. Machine and Fume Extractor*
  3. Machine and Fume Extractor with Premium Support**

* Include machine setup and 3 step calibration

** Our award winning Laser machine premium lifetime support package

  • Access to all the information in the private FB group.
  • 4 years worth of laser experiences
  • Live support, chat, audio, video, remote control
  • Simple 3 step calibration
  • Many tips and tricks for repairing the back glass
  • Guides on what to avoid to prevent damages to the internal components
  • Tips to speed up the repair process
  • Minimize the tear down the phone
  • Cut down on unnecessary repair process
  • On going group with more updates information will be posted.